Caravan is home to designer/stylist Amy Johnson, who offers both local and long distance design services to clients outside of Montreal that are simple and affordable.

How does long distance design work? 

If you need your whole home or just one bedroom redecorated but don't want to or don't have time to hire a full-time decorator I can give you all the tools you need. After taking an online survey to get an idea of your wants and needs you will receive a mood board, floor plan and shopping list. We'll work together to make sure you get everything you're after.

By ordering and installing the items yourself with the aid of an organized shopping list and a detailed floor plan you don't need to worry about how things will look together or fit into your space (and it's less expensive).

How will we communicate ideas?

Other than Skype and email, we will communicate visual ideas via the following tools; an Inspiration Board, an Itemized Mood Board, a hyperlinked Shopping List and a scale Floor Plan. 

What does long distance design cost?

Whether you want to simply add a gallery wall of new art to a room or completely overhaul your decor I am able to find things that work at any budget. Interior design doesn't need to be intimidating! 

Get in touch :)  amyardyth *@*